Home folders have been disabled!

Home folders – how to disable them in ReadyNAS 6.2.0

Disabling home folders used to be a piece of cake on the ReadyNAS 6.x.x devices and it still is, but it’s a bit different in 6.2.0 and I can see it’s throwing some people off so here’s a small piece on how to disable them post-6.2.0:

So well, pre-6.2.0 disabling home folders was done through the system -> settings menu. Personally I think that’s a bit easier to find but Netgear has decided to change this around with the 6.2.0 firmware update. The official KB article is at the moment of writing still outdated and shows the pre-6.2.0 way of doing it.

Home folders – how to disable them?
  1. Log in to the web interface of your NAS
  2. Go to Shares
  3. Click “Home folders”
  4. Click “Settings”
  5. Go to the “Access”-tab
  6. Click each activated service (indicated by a green light | by default SMB and NFS) and turn them off
  7. Home folders are now disabled on your ReadyNAS 6.2.0
Home folders – how to disable them? (with screenshots!)
"Status: Enabled"... Let's change that.
“Status: Enabled”… Let’s change that.


Set SMB and NFS (and any other activated service) to "Off"
Set SMB and NFS (and any other activated service) to “Off”
Home folders have been disabled!
Aahhh… Much better! Home folders have been disabled!


So there we have it! That’s the way it’s done from now on, I hope that this guide helped at least someone figuring it out. I’m not quite sure as to why Netgear decided to change this, personally I think the old way was pretty clear but I guess that they wanted to keep some kind of consistency and wanted to place as many share-related settings as possible on the actual Share page. If you have any other idea as to why they made this change – feel free to write it in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Home folders – how to disable them in ReadyNAS 6.2.0”

  1. G’day, great post indeed. One question tho. I have disabled my Home Folders as you stepped out above. There is one folder within this ‘home’ share called ‘admin’. For the life of me I cannot delete it. If I do it just reappears. Any idea on how to get rid of this folder? This folder has no contents.

    Cheers & Thanks In Advance 🙂

    1. Hi John!

      Since there is a linux system running in the background it will create a folder for each user on the NAS (which includes the admin). There is no way to stop this from happening but as long as home folders are disabled, no user will be able to access or write to the folder.

      This folder should not be visible to the user.

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